The Girl Behind The Blog


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I like to refer to myself as a sensitive, empathetic, articulate twenty-something named Brianna (Bree, in short). In my twenty-one years of living, I’ve endured experiences that have built me up, torn me down, shaped and re-shaped me, challenged me, and taught me. My brain and my body is filled with stories, scars, and wise insight that I’ve collected over the course of my process. I created this blog with the intent of sharing not only my story with the world, but sharing my mind: My ideas, insight, wisdom, hopes, and musings. In addition to sharing my mind, there’s a lot of other content I want to share that constitutes my mind: Lifestyle, health, food, beauty, and fashion.

Throughout high school, I found myself more and more intoxicated by words and writing. I would churn out paper after paper, feeling a sense of pleasure and satisfaction as I submitted them. As my senior year came to an end, I realized that my passion for writing wouldn’t be enough to keep me afloat in terms of a profession. I was constantly reminded by certain family members and by society that writing isn’t a “real profession;” that only really lucky ones make it in the end. So I deferred my passion for writing to another area that my heart felt connected to: Science.

Today, I am enrolled in a liberal arts college pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Psychobiology. Anything that has to do with the brain, psychology, knowledge, and health excites me greatly, hence why I opted to study the brain. In my two and a half years of study thus far, I have learned so much about the powerful organ that is the brain; how it functions, thrives, processes, and suffers. With a curious brain of my own, I can’t wait to expand on what I’ve already learned about my field of study. I just love learning.

I’ve recently taken some time away from college to focus on personal matters, which wasn’t an easy decision to come to. I feel that school gives me a sense of purpose–a sense of belonging to something greater than myself. Why? Because with the knowledge that I’ve gained (and will continue to gain once I return to college and pursue my undergraduate degree), I will be able to satisfy my greatest passion of all: Helping others. And what better way to begin helping others than by sharing my knowledge, my own insight and wisdom through another passion of mine: Writing?

So, here I am–beginning anew, at twenty-one years old. I’m sharing my words and ideas with the world with the hope that I can begin to help others as I navigate the practice of helping myself, too. When it comes to writing, I don’t feel the need to have to be one of the “lucky ones.” I just want to share my heart’s passion with the world, and share a part of myself and my life that people could potentially learn and benefit from. For me, that alone is enough.