The Power Of Our Body’s Energy

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to have a session with a woman who practices “healing touch,” an energy therapy utilized to promote personal wellness. Healing touch involves connecting to our body’s internal energy–spiritually, physically, mentally–and being able to accept and receive this energy, while simultaneously allowing certain energies to be released. The idea behind this is that by rebalancing our body’s energy, we can experience a greater connection to our intuition, therefore assisting our personal journeys toward healing and wellness.

When I first heard about this therapeutic approach, I was rather skeptical. Over the past few years, I have met and worked with many different therapists, a hypnotist, dietitians, and even participated in online health and recovery coaching. As I emailed the woman I would be working with, I couldn’t help but have doubts about this helping me in my efforts toward my wellness journey. As someone who has often referred to herself as “broken,” how could simply lying on a table with my eyes closed begin to meliorate my fragmented pieces? However, being the optimist I am, I decided to cast my doubts aside and open my heart and my mind to the potential benefits of this energy therapy.

As I stepped into her office, I took in the serene atmosphere: The tranquil, warm yellow walls; the faint floral aroma; the quiet melody playing from the speaker system. I was guided to a couch and given a blanket, where I then opened up to the woman who would be conducting my energy therapy session. After she asked me a series of questions about my upbringing, what I’m currently struggling with in my life, and a punctuated version of my medical history, she explained to me how this process would go: I would lie face-up on a padded table while covered in a warm blanket, with my eyes closed. She would gently place her hands over different areas of my body in an effort to connect with my various chakras, feeling their energies arise throughout my body and clearing them, respectively. The whole process would take approximately forty-five minutes. My first instinct was doubt, thinking to myself “Really? You’ll feel my energy? And you’ll clear it? I don’t know about this…”.

My doubt was soon dispelled: Within the first five minutes atop the table, I felt an immediate sense of relief course through my entire body. For the first time in what felt like years, I was able to take in a deep, renewing inhalation, experiencing the breath throughout my entire body–an honest, genuine deep breath. As she placed her hands on my feet to ground and connect to my root chakra, I felt my feet grow heavier and heavier as time elapsed. At one point, I had asked her if she was still touching my feet, because I didn’t feel her take her hands off–that’s how grounded and how deep my energy felt on that table. As she moved around my body clearing ineffective energies that arose, I experienced a sense of calming quietness in my mind–a feeling that I didn’t initially believe I was capable of experiencing. It was as if I was peering out into still, untouched, unpolluted water; feelings of anxiety, anger, overwhelm, and uncertainty were much less powerful–dare I even say that they were absent?

When she concluded our session, she asked me to sit up on the table, bringing my awareness back into the four walls of her office. As I propped myself upright, I noticed how much lighter my body felt. I felt slightly “dazed and confused” upon bringing my awareness back to the room, but once I placed my feet on the ground, I felt more sturdy, more grounded, and  more balanced. I felt different than I did when I first walked through the front door of her office–in both body and in mind.

Now, I’m sure as you’ve perused this post, you’ve had skeptical thoughts, questioning how this isn’t just a bunch of nonsense. I would be dishonest if I claimed that I didn’t feel similarly prior to walking into her office. The key to energy therapy is allowing yourself to receive and release the energy with an open mind and an open heart. In doing this, we are able to tap into our authentic, intuitive selves–the part of us that resonates deeper than our surface-level thoughts, judgments, criticisms, and doubtful attitudes. Initially, I didn’t believe that energy therapy would be able to help me in my efforts toward remedying my physical and mental wellbeing. However, when I chose to open my mind and my heart to the possibility that it could help me along in my wellness journey, I did receive and experience the benefits.

If you’re interested in energy therapy, I would encourage you to seek more information about the practice of healing touch. It’s an enlightening, holistic practice that has been said to alleviate chronic pain, digestive distress, stress, anxiety, and various other medical conditions. As someone who is very supportive of natural, holistic healing, I have nothing but positive light to shed on energy therapy and the benefits it can bring–and that’s only after one session! It may sound slightly “out of the box,” and you might be skeptical, but I would sincerely encourage you to try to open your mind and your heart to the possibility of this therapeutic approach.

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  1. What a wonderful description of your experience with Healing Touch! It is amazing how the body is assisted by the simple balancing of its energy!! Thank you for sharing your experience and opening the eyes of others to a safe, reputable way of healing, along side traditional western medicine.

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