Wednesday: Link Love

It’s a beautiful day today in Pennsylvania. I went for nice walk around my neighborhood earlier this afternoon, which helped refresh and renew my mind, body, and soul energy. While I was strolling, I noticed my mind drifting toward recent blog posts I’ve read. The insight, wisdom, and inspiration I find through other’s writings is enlightening. With that being said, I want to take a moment to share these links with you for my first “Link Love” post. I would like to make this a weekly routine, so if this is something you would find interest in me doing, please let me know in the comments!

Nutrition + Wellness

Finding Your Happy Weight, written by a guest writer for The Real Life RD

Robyn’s guest writer does a beautiful job shedding light on the topic of appreciating how our bodies feel when they are healthy and happy.

Metabolism, written by Robyn of The Real Life RD

Robyn provides a logical, empowering perspective regarding our body’s metabolism, while squelching the myths found woven in today’s media/society about metabolism, weight, and fitness.

Don’t Fall For These 12 Eating Myths, written by Kelsey Miller for Refinery 29

Kelsey does a wonderful job at pointing out the popularized myths surrounding the practice of intuitive eating. A great read for those interested in or actively practicing intuitive eating.

Recovery + Mental Health

I (Now) Like My Butt And I Cannot Lie, written by guest writer Georgia for The Real Life RD

Georgia does an exceptional job touching on what her recovery efforts have brought her, including body acceptance, greater peace with food, and overall happiness.

5 Practical Tips for Self-Acceptance, written by Becky Pate for Recovery Warriors

Becky gives us an important reminder of how vital self-acceptance is in our recovery efforts. The tips she shares serve as a helpful guide toward the goal of self-acceptance, even when it seems impossible.

How I Released Myself From The Prison of My Own Body, written by Sarah Racine for Recovery Warriors

Sarah states clearly the steps she took to work on releasing herself from the prison that was her body. A very helpful read for those who are feeling stuck or ‘plateaued” in their recovery efforts.

Please let me know what you readers think of these blog posts. I found them incredibly helpful, inspiring, and eye-opening. Enjoy!

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