Daily Skincare Routine

As a sensitive, fair-skinned individual, it’s always a challenge for me to find go-to skin care products that won’t cause blemishes, massive breakouts, hives, or irritation. I’ve faced a lot of “trial and error” in my years: Various attempts at concocting the all-natural recipes for face masks and scrubs on Pinterest; purchasing pricey, all-natural products from local bath shops; endless Google searches for tips on caring for sensitive skin. I have put forth a great effort to determine a skin care regimen that would not only keep my skin nourished and healthy, but that also wouldn’t break the bank. Today, I’m sharing my latest go-to skincare regimen with all of you!

First things first: Moisturize. I cannot stress this step enough–moisturizing your skin (both inside and out) is so, so vital for healthy, nourished skin. I didn’t realize this until I noticed that my hands, feet, and T-zone were in close resemblance to an arid desert. I originally used store-bought moisturizers, namely Cetaphil and Neutrogena. After awhile, I noticed that my skin wasn’t getting the hydration it needed, as I still struggled with dry patches of skin on my face. It was then that I decided to make the switch to more natural, limited ingredient products, such as Nubian Heritage, Shea Moisture, and Burt’s Bees. I had a great run with all of these products–my favorite being Nubian Heritage’s all-natural Shea Butter lotion–until I realized just how expensive it was to keep up with these brands. I found great deals on Amazon, but for how much of the product I needed to help hydrate my skin, the cost began to outweigh the overall benefit.

After some contemplation (and a lot of mulling over various Pinterest articles), I discovered the ultimate, most cost-friendly alternative to tradition moisturizers and lotions: Organic extra-virgin coconut oil. This was one of my greatest beauty discoveries, and my skin most certainly thanked me for it! My skin has never felt so soft and soothed. When I switched to pure coconut oil, I noticed that much of the redness that would accumulate on my cheeks and within my T-zone dissipated, along with the sporadic red splotches that covered my back, stomach, and legs. A bonus to using coconut oil in your beauty routine is that it isn’t just a moisturizer–it can be utilized to create a nourishing hair mask, soothing facial masks and scrubs, as a gentle, natural way to remove even the most stubborn makeup, for cooking, and even for cleaning. Coconut oil is the my go-to, no-fail product.

Now, there are numerous brands of coconut oil to choose from. I use Viva Naturals organic, extra-virgin coconut oil. It’s by far the best brand I’ve used, and I’ve been through my fair share of coconut oils. It’s pure, unrefined, and cold-pressed, and has an ever-so slight aroma of pure, sweet, natural coconut. I found this particular tub on Amazon: 32 ounces of pure, aromatic, luscious perfection.


Viva Naturals Organic Coconut Oil, $15.00 on Amazon


Each morning after every shower, I dip my hand into my tub of coconut oil and warm it between both of my hands. Once it’s sufficiently liquified, I apply it generously to my legs, stomach, back, and arms. I find that this is the best time for me to moisturize, as my skin’s numerous pores are open, clean, and refreshed from the heat of the shower water. If I have any noticeable irritation on more sensitive areas–such as my face–I will apply a scant amount, being careful not to overdo it, ultimately causing an over-oily face. At night, after I wash my face with a natural soap (Zum Bar, Nubian Heritage, or Shea Moisture), I apply a light layer of coconut oil under my eyes. Given my fair complexion, I have noticeable dark circles under my eyes, regardless of how much sleep I get. I had a friend share this trick with me, assuring me that it would both help hydrate my under-eyes and nourish my eyelashes. I’ve added it to my nightly routine ever since, and I’ve seen improvement in both my under-eye circles and my eyelash growth. I’m telling you, coconut oil is truly amazing.

After my body is happily moisturized, I move onto my daily facial regimen. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, I typically use an all-natural soap to cleanse my face; anything with an extensive list of harsh ingredients, fragrances, or alcohols irritates and dries out my skin. Recently, I’ve been using Zum Bar’s almond goat milk soap. It is very soothing, and carries a light, nutty almond scent that I love. Plus, this soap is so aesthetically pleasing!


Zum Bar Almond Goats Milk Soap, $4.99 at Kroger


Once I’m all cleansed, I apply a thin layer of BB cream to my face and upper neck. I recently discovered Aveeno’s Natural Active line, which I really like (and so does my face!). It’s oil-free, has limited ingredients, and serves as a protective SPF 30. I like the way this lays nicely on my face; it’s not too heavy, not shiny, and doesn’t appear thickly caked-on. After my BB cream, I apply CoverGirl’s Neutralizing Smoother Stick under my eyes in an effort to lighten the inevitable dark circles I fashion on a daily basis. I blend it by gently tapping my under-eyes with the pad of my ring finger. Once it’s blended, I add a layer of CoverGirl’s Ready Set Gorgeous liquid concealer in a similar manner, and repeat the same blending process.



With my basic foundation routine complete, I now have artistic license to either 1) Do my full face of makeup, which involves using my Bare Minerals Starter Kit (power foundations), Urban Decay’s Perversion mascara, Urban Decay’s Naked Basics eyeshadow palette, and a matte, nude-colored lip stain or 2) Grab my eyelash curler, swipe on a matte, nude-colored lip stain, and call it a day. More days than not, I’m following the ladder option. I enjoy embracing the “natural look,” and it gives my skin the break it needs from time to time. Adhering to option 2–with the extra step of using my Bare Minerals Kit–here’s the final look:




For those of you who follow me on Instagram (theexpressivearticulate), you may recognize this picture! I had planned on posting this beauty/skin care regimen yesterday, but life happened and I simply ran out of time. Hence why I was able to give you all a sneak-peak this morning when I posted!

Well, there you have it: My go-to, fail-proof skin care regimen. It’s time, cost, and sensitie-skin-friendly–all qualities that I prioritize when shopping for cosmetics and skin care products. This has been my routine for the past few months, and I don’t plan on changing it unless necessary. As they say, “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it!”

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  1. Beautiful blog!! You’re an outstanding writer and you demonstrate a lot of dedication and passion. Don’t ever stop writing, following your heart, and doing what you love!

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